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Pharmacy has evolved greatly over the last 15 years. Traditionally, our primary role has been to dispense medication alongside the usual corresponding advice, but today, the story is very different. Pharmacist’s and their teams are very highly trained healthcare professionals and their scope is ever increasing into clinical service provision. In this article, I break down the stigma of the “pill dispenser” that still surrounds our profession and share with you what Community Pharmacies in Sheffield can do for you, which, by the way, are THE most accessible healthcare teams in the NHS.

Sandra - Pharmacist in Sheffield

What can pharmaists and their teams do?

Firstly, let me tell you that Community Pharmacists have to study for 5 years before being allowed onto the register and practice. Four of those years are in University and the final year as a placement in a real Community Pharmacy. But that really is just the beginning of a life-long learning career of a pharmacist. The more our abilities are understood by the governing bodies, the more our role expands as healthcare professionals to provide services that cover more conditions and issues that patients are facing today. 

The Sheffield Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) work closely together to find solutions to healthcare problems in the city but pharmacies in Sheffield are also working privately to provide a more holistic approach to healthcare. Below are a range of services that a Community Pharmacy in Sheffield may be able to offer you:

Utilise your local pharmacy services

As the most accessible on-the-ground healthcare team in the UK, the role of the Community Pharmacist is changing with the demands of patients and the financial restrictions of the NHS. Although we will continue to dispense medication as normal, our clinical expertise is always expanding and we should be considered as the first port of call for healthcare in the community. I believe Community Pharmacies are the solution to the NHS crisis and if more people began using our services, we could help save the NHS literally millions of pounds every year.

At Green Cross Chemists, we provide many of the services described above and if you’re interested in any of them, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Saam Ali MRPharmS -Pharmacist
Saam is a locum pharmacist and works at Green Cross Chemists’ Bradway branch. He is an enthusiast for helping his patients through digital means and is committed to producing content online that will help shape healthcare in Sheffield.


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